[LMB] Another Birthday!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 5 10:33:38 BST 2021

Today we send our biggest, best birthday wishes to Heather Boyer!

Heather, we hope you have a wonderful day.  And to help you celebrate your
special day, you will be given a special guided tour of the Residence!  Two
Vorbarra armsmen will meet you at the West entrance, and escort you through
the main rooms - the Crystal Ballroom, with its mirror walls and reflections all
around. The Amber room, the main conference rooms, the Meeting Room
where the Emperor sees petitioners. And the libraries, the artworks, the
incredibly detailed and beautiful tapestries, the wood and stone carvings,
delicate pottery and china, a display of jewellery from various Empresses. Also
places where historic events happened (it's amazing how many emperors were
assassinated in various parts of the Residence. Unsettling, really.)

You will have a delightful luncheon in the gardens with Empress Laisa, who will
show you around the private gardens and courtyards seen only by the Imperial
family and the staff. Then the armsmen will take you on a special tour of
the dungeon levels, and some of the less secret hidden passages - it's an
incredible network.

After a short rest to freshen up, you'll join the Imperial family and dine in one
of the smaller, less formal dining rooms. They'll be happy to chat with you and
answer any questions you may have - a wonderful opportunity!

Have a wonderful birthday, Heather!

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