[LMB] Comconsole Keyboards (Was Big Birthday Wishes!)

Pouncer pouncer at aol.com
Tue Jul 6 01:13:43 BST 2021

Gwynne Powell testifies that:

 > I'm sure the Evil Keyboard Fairy moves the keys around
 > sometimes.

The Keyboard Fairy is less "Evil" than "Whimsical". IMHO.

There is a odd recommendation from certain quarters to
install a Windows "Russian Keyboard" translation package,
that maps English standard 104-key PC keyboards to phonetic
Russian. The notion (it's not even a conjecture yet, let
alone a hypothesis or theory) is that groups from
former Soviet-Bloc nations randomly attacking computers
over the internet want to AVOID the attentions of ImpSec.
Er, ex-KGB enforcers.  So their software tools and bots
check early in the penetration process to see if a PC
is, perhaps, being used by Russian (Ukrainian, Georgian,
Uzbeki) operators.  If the software finds a Cyrillic
package ... the process, supposedly, aborts and
starts over next link down on the target list.

I mention this. I don't endorse it.

I wonder if Russians locally manufacture "PC" keyboards with
more (or fewer?) keys for their own language and alphabet?

ANYHOW, when my local processes between mind and fingers,
keyboards and PCs,  mail clients and the internet at large
breaks down for ME -- I blame the Russians.  Hey, it's
as likely as a Fairy!

There is TextEvd that the Barrayarans used a modified
Cyrillic alphabet to English (and presumably French and
Greek) as well as Russian in their texts.  The works
after the Cetagandan invasion were, similarly presumably,
typeset from "comconsole" style devices,  not set from
a box of loose lead type. But to allow clear communication
surely the Cetas used the local alphabet and languages.

And when the Cetas left, the manufacture of comconsoles began, locally...

How many keys on a Barrayaran comconsole?

Now, there's this about cynicism, Sergeant. It's the universe's most 
supine moral position. Real comfortable. If nothing can be done, then 
you're not some kind of shit for not doing it, and you can lie there and 
stink to yourself in perfect peace.

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