[LMB] people's use of language is funny (for some values of funny)

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To quote Calvin in *Calvin and Hobbes*:  "Verbing weirds language."

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> >(ok, they still bug me such as using “orientated” instead of “oriented”)
> >
> >I recently read a large-ish SF book in which orientated was used in every
> >place where oriented would be more proper. also several other words that
> >aren't exactly words, but my memory being what it is I can't remember what
> >they were. and, some consistent misspellings.
> >
> >the author gave profuse thanks to all the people who helped, including
> beta
> >readers and his editor. I had been thinking that he hadn't had a good
> >editor, based on all those problems, but maybe the editor didn't actually
> >read it. or maybe he merely thinks that orientated is correct and overrode
> >them.
> Orientate is in the OED but it means to point in a given direction, but
> it gives a similar definition to orient.
> Harvey
> >
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