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What is interesting here is 'article of faith' and 'which you are not capable of changing without..'. Article of faith reads to me as something you believe without any kind of proof, and which you cannot change is a complelety new one on me - but I have not grown up with religion in any form. It sounds - unfree. Fettered.

Beatrice Otter:
Sure. But the thing is, the way human brains work, everyone has things they believe without any kind of proof, to an irrational degree. Things that are just true to you, regardless of anything else, and which you are not capable of logically evaluating. That's human nature!

The dangerous part is not when someone has such beliefs, but when they're not aware that they do. When they believe that they are a completely rational person and all the things they think are true are objectively true, and yet they are not based on rational thought or objective fact, but on that core belief system (which may not be explicitly religious, but is functioning quasi-religiously in the person's thoughts). Economic and political ideologies are some of the more common ones, but so is "healthy living" and a lot of others.

Beatrice Otter

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