[LMB] Calling on the List Mind, was Autocorrupt

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 20:06:45 BST 2021

When looking back at my high school days, much of the material I was forced
to learn was obviously never going to have any use.  Much of it has never
been used.  By far the most valuable class I took in my entire scholastic
career was typing.  I've used that skill almost every day, and even the
most rudimentary touch typing is far quicker and more efficient than
hunt-and-peck.  More importantly, it's much harder to pick up on typing
skills outside a classroom environment than most academic subjects are.
(Really, most of the things I learned 'in school' I learned outside of the

Typing rapidly and accurately makes it possible to write as you think,
which makes it a lot easier to respond to real-time communications.

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