[LMB] Religion question

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 22:11:32 BST 2021

All you modern-day Christians are ready to review your beliefs and come to
accept slavery, right?  Right?

The single biggest function of religion is to serve as a way to identify
tribal in-groups.  Superficial customs can be imitated, but lore that can't
be derived from general experience must be learned.  Then, afterwards, it
has effects on behavior patterns, but largely due to providing patterns for
people to conform to.  Actual morality is a secondary, if important,
feature, and it tends to involve reinterpreting content to match the
morality of the moment more than making actual belief conform to texts.
And isn't that at least partially a good thing?  The moral codes of
pre-Iron Age nomads and farmers are universally vile by today's standards.

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