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> This article just crossed my news feed, and I thought some here might be
> interested in it
> https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/your-brain-food/202107/why-do-humans-keep-inventing-gods-worship
> Why Do Humans Keep Inventing Gods to Worship?
> A recent study points to the role of a specific brain region.

Interesting article, thanks :-)

Gary Wenk had this assumption: "Spirituality must offer something tangible that enhances procreation and survival. Otherwise, evolution should have selected against such costly beliefs and behaviors as making gigantic pyramids to house the dead, blowing oneself up for the pleasures of paradise, or sacrificing one's children as a measure of devotion to one’s deity."

I think this is erroneus assumption, as it thinks that 'evolution' always gets it right, or all traits serve a function. This is not the case, evolution is more abitary than that.

GW: "Religious beliefs, spirituality, and the need to worship a deity of some kind are undoubtedly durable traits."

Yes, but not in the sense that everybody has them.

The study examines brain function in people who are in a religous state, and attempts to define which areas of the brain reacts. " Unique activity in several brain regions was associated with a religious or spiritual state, including areas of the frontal cortex, posterior cingulate cortex, and the default mode network. The findings suggest that the experience of being in a religious or spiritual state has specific neurobiological correlates and that these correlates are distinct from being in non-religious states."

Unique how? How about comparing to people in a non religious state? How about comparing to people who are non religiouos but meditating or having a good time? And religious people ditto?

These experments are fascinating, but imo should be much more thorough.

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