[LMB] Birthday!!!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 10 14:42:27 BST 2021

Today we send big, beautiful birthday wishes to Ellinor.

Ellinor, we hope you have a wonderful birthday, full of fun and joy.

And to help you celebrate, you will be spending some time with that
most joyous of families, the Koudelkas! You'll be whisked away to
their seaside holiday home for a day of discussion, snacking and
relaxation - and an insider's view of many past events.

To start with, Drou will settle down with you on the front verandah,
watching the waves (just don't get too close to them) and enjoying
the peaceful sound of the surf.  Drou will be very happy to chat
with you about all the fun times of the past (and some sad, wild
and scandalous ones as well.)  Delia, Martya and Olivia will give you
all the best gossip from Vorbarr Sultana and Vorkosigan District.
Kareen is home as well, with tales of interesting times in the Nexus.

There'll be plenty of snacks along the way - the girls are wonderful
at making cakes and other dainties - and a fine luncheon suitable
for all you sweet ladies (with good seaside appetites!)

After lunch the men of the family will join you. Dono is guaranteed
to keep you laughing with some outrageous memories. Mark, Kou
and Duv can be encouraged to join in. Enrique's chat is always
interesting, if sometimes a tad unfocussed.

Finally you'll have a rousing barbecue on the beach, with a fine
large bonfire - perfect for toasting all manner of interesting nibbles.
There'll be a few more stories, possibly some singing - Duv has a
surprisingly good voice, and Kou knows all the old folk songs. The
girls sing in sweet harmony. Mark is happy to listen, and Enrique
has wandered off into the darkness - he can be heard hooting happily
as he explores some rock pools.

A fine, friendly and joyous birthday to you, Ellinor!

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