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Many of the kosher food rules have been shown not to have any detectable 
effect on food safety, but conflict strongly with the food customs of rival 
groups.  This suggests that their function was to focus attention on and 
reinforce the cultural distinctions between the in-group and out-groups. 
In particular, the Philistines loved pork.  Arguments that eschewing pigs 
had benefits usually involve looking only at their disadvantages and 
ignoring their advantages. 

 Beatrice Otter:

My family is friends with a family of Syrian-Americans. They are all allergic to pork; it makes them sick when they try to eat it. Such allergies are apparently quite common in several ethnic groups in the Middle East, so it should not be surprising that the two major religions founded in that region have "don't eat pork" as part of their teachings.

Beatrice Otter

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