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Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 15:56:57 BST 2021

 Someone said:
>   Even atheists sometimes pray if someone is seriously ill or no one
> can help them.

I questioned this and Beatrice answered:

> Mm, as a minister I can tell you that it does happen some of the time,
because I've seen it.


I think the key word is 'sometimes' because probably no two atheists are
alike - it isn't a dogma, as with any given religion or group of religions.
So no prescribed reactions to anything.

> How much of the time I can't tell you, but my gut instinct is that
"people for whom trauma
> sends them looking for religion/spirituality when they previously had no
connection" and
> "people for whom trauma kills the spirituality they had pre-trauma" are
about even?

Lacking evidence there's no way to know, but that sounds plausible, though
there's another set that just doesn't change in extremis.

> most people who get called atheists are actually agnostics: they aren't
practicing any belief,
> but they're not 100% dyed-in-the-wool sure there's nothing out there,

I don['t meet many people who call themselves agnostic, and I don't hear
people being called agnostic - not that the topic comes up much in my
circles. Fashions of words? I think of the 'agnostic' concept as being
somewhat archaic, but that may just be my ignorance, or the
prevailing culture around me, and what words it prefers. As you say,
background culture has a lot to do with it.

Losing faith in the 5G world must be different - more a rejection of the
gods (or their nature) than a denial of their existence.

And in the world of Barrayar... I wonder if there are sects and pockets of
people who are very religious? Or people who find a way to move off-world
to join those who hold the religion of their choice?


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