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> > 2.  IMHO, it's important to distinguish between spirituality and religion. To a first approximation, religion is usually at most fossilized spirituality.
> I also think that is useful. I understand religion to involve a god or gods, and usually a book, while spirituality does not need either.

I think of it more as whether your relationship with the Divine - in whatever form you know Him/Her/Them/It - is based on following rules and prescribed rituals, or on personal feelings and knowledge.  When I participated in rituals with the first Pagan groups I found, I was following a religion, and I tried to believe.  When I reached out and touched the Goddess, it was a spiritual experience, and I knew.

If anyone's old enough to remember the rock opera "Tommy," it's a weirdly humorous tale of how spirituality becomes a religion.  The eponymous hero finds enlightenment by playing pinball while blind, deaf and dumb.  Like so many people he wants to share the wonderful thing he's experienced, so he tries to get his followers to play pinball in blindfolds and earplugs.  It doesn't work.

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