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Pizza, pizza, pizza PLEASE!!!  Margherita, so that it is acceptable to 
all religions that I know of.


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>What I'm asking is what are the criteria that makes behavior Religious
>fanaticism as opposed to be deeply religious ISIS definitely meets the
>criteria. I would call the Taliban fanatics  but does Iran fit the
>criteria?  And you look at some of the Christian groups like the Branch
>Davidians in Waco or the People's Temple which people would agree they were
>fanatics after they committed suicide and murder. What I'm getting at is
>that there is a objective classification in calling a certain religious
>behavior as "fanatic but sometimes that classification can be fuzzy. For
>instance I consider any religious organization that is against Covid19
>vaccines as fanatics because their views endanger lives. Would that be
>considered a universal view or just my opinion?
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>>  > So would you consider Daesh AKA ISIS as religious fanatics?
>>  >
>>  Of course.  That's not a particularly informative question, though, since
>>  most people would consider them fanatics.
>>  What would a more revealing question be, hmmm?
>>  Matt "music from Jeopardy" G.
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