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Yay!  Two more of my favourite serials! – and Lowell is now bringing out backstories for the various Stations, so look out for that.
(And try The Wizard’s Butler if you haven’t read it yet – it’s a hoot!)

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> I just binged on Nathan Lowell's Tales of the Golden Age of the Solar
> Clipper. One of my comfort reads.


   That's also a favorite of mine. Have you read the follow on books; one
series of three with Ishmael and Pip in non-Confederation space: In Ashes
Born, To Fire Called, and By Darkness Forged and another with two
fresh-out-of-the-academy grads: Milk Run, Suicide Run, and Home Run? If
not, I recommend them.

   I just finished Mary Kowal Robinette's Female Astronaut's series
beginning with The Calculating Stars. Alternate history of the space
program with a meteor impact into Chesapeake Bay in 1952 wiping out most of
the east coast and the resulting climate change forcing a more rapid move
into space. The same issues of race and gender inequality are present in
this new time line. Not for those who like neato gadgets, but those who
enjoy a more people focused approach should like it.

Dave Bowen
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