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> Or we could do something really foolish, like.... discuss the books?
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Regrettably, it seems that Our Author cannot write nearly as fast as we can

I recently read the book & watched the movie of Howl's Moving Castle. If
you haven't met this story/movie yet, I recommend them both.

They are recognizably the same storyline, but some annoying differences:
How does this improve the movie?

Sophy (our Hero) starts the book by displaying some innate magic -
enchanting inanimate objects by talking to them.  Movie Sophie shows no
magical talent, which makes her less appropriate as a match for Wizard
Howl. How does this make it a better romance?

Book Sophie has 3 sisters. Howl is courting the youngest sister, who spills
the beans about the aging-curse which Sophie is under.  Movie Howl peeks at
the sleeping old woman adn sees her as young.  I get that they had to cut a
character, but ick?

Sophie's middle sister stays beautiful, and loves her big sister dearly.
Glad they kept that - no sisterly rivalry.

Book magician's-apprentice (Mikel?) is old enough to court Sohpie's
beautiful middle sister, but he was de-aged to pre-teen, and falls in love
with Sophie as a mother-figure. How does that make the story better?

The King's brother disappeared, and the kign needs him back becuase Brother
is the best general, and there's going to be a war.
Book: Royal Magician Benjamin Sulemain also disappears, entrapped by the
witch of the Waste. The king needs him back, because there's going to be a
war.  And old-woman wizard was Howl's teacher, is now Sophie's youngest
sister's teacher.   (OK, that's all too complicated for a movie...)

Movie: Royal Magician Madam Sulemain secretly starts a war in order to take
control over all the witches and wizards in the kingdom.  That's...

The war does terrible damage in the movie, but in the book it hadn't even

Which of these changes make for a better  story?

Going to read & watch Coraline sometime soon...

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