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And everything political today has been moralized to Dante's afterlife and back, so that there are no more mere opponents, but sheer devils incarnate. So, I not only call Pizza, but would like to slam the lid back down on any and all discussions of politics and today's war of competing values. Barrayaran or 5GU politics are fine as long as there are no sideways tie-ins with today's issues, but a recognition that these are other cultures of other times and civilizations. Does anyone disagree with this?

Pat, so sick to death of all this that I refuse to watch the TV news or listen to talk shows any more.
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Many years ago, I dropped off the list because of constant heckling from a list member concerning my religious beliefs. This was before I adopted my current sig.
One of the things  this person objected to was any comment that s/he considered that came from a moral perspective. It was after I came back that I adopted my current sig. S/he objected to that as well. (I had tried, “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.”, but s/he said that I was directly calling names.
I haven’t called pizza yet since my email problems put me out of contact for a while. When I suggested that the content was getting acrimonious and personal (I won’t use the Latin, my autocorrupt makes a hash of it.) I was slammed for attacking one of the participants.
Pizza gives us a way to say, “Emotions are getting high on this thread. Let’s cool off.”
Lately, everything is political. Everything involves government actions at some level.

William A Wenrich
Christian, Husband, Father, Granddaddy, Son, & American. Here I am. I can do no other. God help me!
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I have to say that I find the pizza thing both necessary and so incredibly frustrating! So many times, when a topic becomes really interesting to a number of people, someone has
to start the mentioned snide remarks and put a stop to everything, including a lot of people discussing in a perfectly polite and sensible manner. It happens time and time again, and
mostly when others have dug really in and are getting to the core of things!

I admit I cannot see a way to avoid it, but I would like to appeal to people to please try to restrain themselves, even if they find themselves tempted to demonstrate.
Do not be spoil sports!

And just for the record: I do accept the list decision to change subjes - again - but my latest posts were  before that call.


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