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>I agree with Tidsel. Every time a discussion or a topic is really interesting some people are ruining the discussion. Now we are not even allowed to discuss European politics.
>It is such a poor solution to call pizza, with so many intelligent people on the list.
>I feel ashamed that people can not behave.
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>>  I have to say that I find the pizza thing both necessary and so incredibly frustrating! So many times, when a topic becomes really interesting to a number of people, someone has
>>  to start the mentioned snide remarks and put a stop to everything, including a lot of people discussing in a perfectly polite and sensible manner. It happens time and time again, and
>>  mostly when others have dug really in and are getting to the core of things!
>>  I admit I cannot see a way to avoid it, but I would like to appeal to people to please try to restrain themselves, even if they find themselves tempted to demonstrate.
>>  Do not be spoil sports!
>>  And just for the record: I do accept the list decision to change subjes - again - but my latest posts were  before that call.
>>  Tidsel
>Then why do we have the three day rule? I was the one that called pizza 
>on the religion discussion, and frankly it was getting boring with the 
>same points being made over and over and over again. I felt and still 
>feel that it was time to move on to a new subject.


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