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Markus Baur baur at chello.at
Fri Jul 16 23:35:02 BST 2021

Am 16.07.2021 um 22:54 schrieb Pouncer via Lois-Bujold:
> Markus Baur constructively suggests:
>  >there is of course a solution, that was /is employed
>  >by many other lists where PC ran rampant  --
>  >that is to start up a daughter list
> I'm sure I'll be corrected but I seem to recall
> that the Baen's Bar discussion group that was
> called out this most recent past February for
> permitting "problematic" opinions to be discussed -- with
> and without personal insults to the persons holding
> opinions --  was what Markus calls a "daughter list".
> All the main discussions were focused and the hot topics
> were sent to a discussion ghetto. Called "Politics".
> Where, of course, gang rules held more sway than
> other civilized systems.

are you already making assumptions on my moderating style .. ?

> Form  a "Politics" group -- sub sub sub group -- under
> the banner of Lois Bujold and we damage the brand.
> (And the person.

i do not remember making any statement in regds to "under the bujold" 
banner - in fact i explicitly suggested going to groups.io and not on 
the bujold servers (i did so for a reason)

> As Baen the company and Toni Wieskopf
> the person suffered, figuratively, an attempted
> assassination by Jason Sanford. a.k.a. That Asshole. )

for any assasination attempt dear jason would have to buy a 
transatlantic air ticket ..

> When we get around to voting, I vote "no".
> On the other hand, I note that "Roman Religion" was the
> topic of the day -- FIFTEEN DAYS AGO.  We're five times
> overdue to move on to other contentious concepts that
> may overlap, fall tangent, or drift near "religion".
> Three days is plenty.  We have a custom, let's observe it,
> and observe it failing, before we discuss amending it.

three days is not enough for any kind of meaningful discussion a group 
that is smeared over all world wide time zones



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