[LMB] Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 17 17:29:14 BST 2021

Today we wish a happy birthday to Harvey Fishman.

Harvey, we hope you have a wonderful birthday.

And to help you celebrate, you'll be escorted to a military shuttle
(one of the nicer ones) and taken up to the newest Fleet vessel,
currently in orbit around Barrayar. The Aral Vorkosigan is an amazing
vessel, full of cutting-edge technology (literally, in some cases.)

Admiral Jole is on deck for the dedication of the new ship. He'll be
escorting you through the ship and explaining all the amazing
technology (of course, paying great attention to weapons - this is
a Barrayaran ship, after all!)

Then you'll have a fine meal in the officers' mess - NOT standard
ship rations, you'll be pleased to hear. And a lovely long discussion
as the Admiral and the senior officers reminisce about events gone
past - a wonderful session.

It'll be a fascinating day. Have a wonderful birthday!

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