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The three-day limit on off-topic threads does little good, because they can
be brought back to on-topic with a single sentence.  More to the point,
most of these "off-topic" discussions arise as tangents from topical
discussions of Bujold works.

The real issue here is people who want to control discussion and make
others' behavior match what they'd want it to be.  The solution is to give
up that hopeless and invalid desire and simply not read content you're not
interested in.

Between irrelevant content and low-quality posts, this list is never less
than two-thirds useless to me, and at times it's risen to 90%+ for extended
periods.  I just don't read most of it!  It's the responsibility of the
list users to identify content they're interested in and screen out what
they're NOT interested in.

Matt G.

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> > > And everything political today has been moralized to Dante's afterlife
> and back, so that there are no more mere opponents, but sheer devils
> incarnate. So, I not only call Pizza, but would like to slam the lid back
> down on any and all discussions of politics and today's war of competing
> values. Barrayaran or 5GU politics are fine as long as there are no
> sideways tie-ins with today's issues, but a recognition that these are
> other cultures of other times and civilizations. Does anyone disagree with
> this?
> >
> > The books are too real not to entangle with politics and values. No can
> do and I don’t think anyone else can.
> I agree - they are just too good you might say :-) So what to do? If we
> just say 'let's forget it and move on' it will just keep happening.
> Tidsel
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