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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 18 16:47:50 BST 2021

From: Markus Baur <baur at chello.at>

M - essentially we are running up here against Aristoteles' "zoon politikon"
- ultimately EVERYTHING a human does or says is political (in the sense
of society or state forming / building / participating) .. and excluding
this from the list at the whim of some plain member who do not want to
read "nasty things" (defined as "anything that i do not like") seems to
be a diminishment of the list

Gwynne: We can discuss politics, religion (or sex) related to the books,
without a problem. Some real-world examples from various countries,
or from history, are also not a problem. We just have to avoid using
certain current political events for examples. And to be fair to some
posters, if it's their country's politics and it's what they know best,
it can be hard for them to realise that certain beliefs and mindsets
aren't the norm everywhere.  So sometimes a discussion could go on
quite well, with just a quick reminder now and then that a certain
comment might be straying in the wrong direction, and a different
example would be better. No angst, just asking for a different

M - ob bujold - forex, any serious discussion of Beta society / mores will
very fast become political .. and in order to have any meaningful
discussion we will have to compare and contrast to other societies -
societies that are known to us and can thus serve as touchstones /
marker points / good or bad examples .. and given the putative mother
society of the Beta we will have to remark on US society and politics in
some way.

Gwynne: There are examples from other times and places. One of
the great things about the board is the chance to widen horizons.
Most people here have a fair idea of those other times and places,
and there's always google and wiki. Beta always seems to have a
vibe of California in the '60's - '80's, for me, anyway.

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