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> > I agree with Tidsel. Every time a discussion or a topic is really
> interesting some people are ruining the discussion. Now we are not even
> allowed to discuss European politics.
> >
> > It is such a poor solution to call pizza, with so many intelligent
> people on the list.
> >
> > I feel ashamed that people can not behave.
> >
> > Mieke
> I am glad someone feels the same way. Any ideas about what can be done?
> The daughter list? OT 3-? days restraint?
> Asking people to behave?
> --

Regrettably, 'asking people to behave' is like spitting into the wind.
Each person who responds sharply feels that they are justified in doing
so.  It's the other person's fault!

Some people just like stirring the pot.  See also, Don't Feed the Trolls.

Then there are the people who feel they are being clever and
entertaining..  ~10 years ago, the president of the Science Fiction and
Fantasy Writers of America wrote an article about the failure mode of


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