[LMB] OT? Names & titles—was Religion and one-up-manship

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> On 18/07/2021 03:16, Eric Oppen wrote:
>> Kind of like how our word "bear" is not the original Indo-European word for
>> this animal.  It derives from "brown one," AIUI, and was used as a
>> substitute for the real word because saying the real word might attract the
>> creature's hungry attention.
> https://xkcd.com/2381/  - and don't forget to hover over the comic to get the second punchline.

Thank you! 

A linguistics joke brings laughter to this linguistics major (45 yrs ago, not to be confused with Stan Rogers’ song), but not enough to set off spikes of pain. In my entire life, nothing works on my sinus headaches, and there must be a storm system offcoast causing the entire household to have one for the past couple of days. 

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