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> Gwynne: Someone probably has tried it before. But maybe only as a one-off.
> Few people would have access to a regular supply of young demons - and that
> was what made it so bad. This wasn't a desperate sorcerer who made a single
> bad decision in a crisis, it was a cold-blooded plot to use and destroy
> all those
> small demons, and eventually the reluctant host as well.

One of my favorite bits in the book was Penric realizing "He [Tronio] has
been *embezzling demons*?"

> Just wondering - when they collect all those demon-possessed animals, do
> they send ALL those demons back? Or do they carefully harvest some of them
> and make more sorcerers?  And how do they decide which ones to use?

>From the little we've seen of this process, I suspect it's almost always a
judgment call. I do note that the two cases I can think of where the demon
was intentionally kept for later use were when it had entered a domestic
animal: the horse that Blessed Chio tells Pen about, and Masha the dog. In
both cases the demon could be getting an imprint from the animal that would
be useful for a human host later -- as Masha definitely was. A demon in a
wild animal, maybe not so much.

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