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Is it possible that a sorcerer could call a demon?

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> > One thing that I've noticed is the large variability of the numbers of
> new demons over time and between places. In Chalion, specifically in PoS,
> Cabron remarks on the large numbers of elemental demons seen since (even
> though he doesn't know it) the removal as  of the curse and the freeing of
> the demon. There doesn't seem the be a great length of time between the
> loss of one elemental as an assassin tool and the installation of the next
> one. How are they keeping up the supply?
> Interesting.  It could be that the demon material is variable from place
> to place, or the demon material gathers via some process such as wind
> differently from place to place, or the demon material gets used some other
> way differently from place to place.
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