[LMB] Assassination via demon

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 19 09:51:31 BST 2021

From: Alex Kwan <litalex at gmail.com>

The demon wouldn?t want to do it, and the temples presumably want to train all demon-having people. Or with an older sorcerer and a young demon the sorcerer is willing to give up, see the fight between Pen and the temple sorcerer from Nikys and Adelis? home country.
As to hedge sorcerers, perhaps some had tried, saw that their demon would be taken back up, and so stopped doing it anymore. Not that many temple sorcerers are that ruthless?
little Alex

Gwynne: The thing about hedge sorcerers is that they're an ordinary
person, probably rural (so less educated, in Pen's world) with no idea
about demon lore. (Even a lot of trained Learneds don't know much
about demons. Pen's life's work is to spread the word to the whole
world, one woodcut at a time.) Pen notes that Alixtra has no idea about
shedding chaos, and that a lot of hedge sorcerers end up with cancer
because of that. If they aren't found by the temple then they just fumble
along, learning what they can do. And if they use/lose their demon,
they're highly unlikely to find another one.

Even a Temple-trained sorcerer can panic in a crisis - like the one who
tried to kill Pen and ended up wearing a mountain. We know that sorcerers
can survive losing a demon - the guy who looked after Pen just after he
was Des'd called the saint to remove the demon, there was no suggestion
that Pen would die. And that man had hosted, and lost, a demon himself;
it took control of him and things got very nasty, so it was removed.
But a sorcerer who's used a demon to kill, even if he thought it was the
right thing to do, is going to the end of the queue to get another one. So I
don't think anyone does it twice.

Besides, it was the calculation of their plan that outraged the gods. Using
an innocent host, threatening to mutilate her child, lying to her that the
deaths were justified, and using terrified stolen young demons that way.
Over and over again - they weren't planning on stopping this, they had the
perfect way to kill their way to getting and keeping power. One accidental,
panic-stricken act is excusable. Cold calculation isn't.

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