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Mon Jul 19 16:43:23 BST 2021

I believe "medved" is also a word for "bear" in Russian.  But the Slavic
languages resemble each other pretty strongly---if you know one of them
you've got a big leg up learning the others.  AFAIK they don't have
outliers, like English is among Germanic languages, or French among Romance

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> On 19/07/2021 00:12, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> >> Matija posted:
> >>
> >>> https://xkcd.com/2381/  - and don't forget to hover over the comic to
> >>> get the second punchline.
> > I said:
> >
> >> I tried that and it didn't work. Any idea why not?
> > Matija answered:
> >
> >> That's strange. It works for me. In what way didn't it work? You got an
> >> empty page? Or was domain not recognized?
> > No, no, sorry, I was unclear. The link worked. The page was fine. But
> > hovering over it didn't work at all, so I missed the second layer.
> >
> > I was using my desktop computer, Windows 10.
> I hope it's not too much of a spoiler to post it here:
> "Thank you to Gretchen McCulloch for fielding this question, and sorry
> that as a result the world's foremost internet linguist has been
> devoured by the brown one. She will be missed."
> For those still interested, in Slovenian the word for bear is "medved",
> which loosely translated means "Knows honey" (honey as in product of bees).
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