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ok .. let us assume that demons appear at equal probabilty per area unit all over the world

demons appearing over the sea would moistly vanish,m as aninlas developed enough to carry a demon are rare out there (textev: the way sorceres are killed by roknari) 

but over land - even wild land - there are a lot more animals who could carry a demon .. and without someone / something culling them, would doon accumulate among the higher ainmals .. do we see such a accumulation? i do not think so .. 

but we also do not see a culling process (apart from demons dieing "naturally" if they cannot find another host creature, but that should  not be too hard in that situation

the only active culling process we actually do see is among humans 

but despite the active culling we still see a high number of demons near human populations - which leads me to the assumption that new demons become more probable when the human poipulatrion density increases 



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> As far as I can recall, every new demon we see or hear about emerges into a rural or wilderness area. No urban demons. I wonder if there's some sort of sensor checks that spits out the new demons far from human settlements, so that they get a chance to work through a few animals before they get to a human?
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> There was the horse and all of those chickens in Lodi. Demons might anything with a large enough brain or, conversely, the demon can only jump up a certain distance in complesity and not be able to remember anything smaller than a bird. We know there are problems with jumping down, Swat a mosquito and get a demon?
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