[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon - Chapter 2

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> Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> hat am 19.07.2021 18:39 geschrieben:
> Des was able to sense that the attacking demon was a ferret, or a
> weasel. (What is it with Lois, and ferrets or weasels? There's the
> ferret with a demon in PoS, there the constant references to weaselry
> connected to ImpSec and Miles.)

surely because ferrets and other mustelids arecool animals!

> Then a very unsettling line: 'Pen,' said Des slowly, 'I don't think that
> was her first demon.'
> Pen is suitably unsettled, and wonders what the god would feel about
> 'such a wasteful scheme'. Pen sees demons as a useful resource  (if not
> quite a blessing.)
> One of my favourite characters - Learned Dubro - turns up. With his
> doggy-demon (that's bouncing around with doggy excitement - a
> dog-demon could be quite tiring after a while.) Maska shrinks when
> close to Des, but not longer cringes, whines and tries to run away -
> it's taken two years to get that far. So demons really don't like being
> too close together (although, again, Des is a pretty scary demon.)
> Pen brings Dubro up to date, gives him a fast lesson in deflective magic,
> then leaves him to guard the Duke.
> They've found a palace maid, coshed and stripped - that happened
> after Adelis went in to see the duke, so someone was working fast.
> Wonder if they had a different Plan A.
> Pen and Adelis get back to Pen's place, to his great relief. Everyone
> there is ok. Adelis is stashed in his room, Nikys and Idrene are brought
> up to date. Guards around the house; Adelis is bait in a sorceress-trap.
> It's good that, as Pen points out to himself, both women are/were
> army widows. They deal with things quickly and in a practical way.
> And they're just about the only people who can boss Adelis around,
> to make him rest for a while.
> I love it that Pen is so much in love with Nikys. He's just so happy to
> be with her. And there's another little Nikys/Pen on the way!
> During the explanations, Des mentions that they should have aimed
> for the heart, not the brain - Adelis's father died of a heart attack, so
> it would be an easy explanation. Adelis nods at that. Pen is reminded
> that Adelis calls Des his demon-in-law (I LOVE that!)
> There's pros and cons to going to Thasalon; Adelis has a job with the
> Duke, he's well set up here. But Cedonia is home... and he'd like to
> give proper thanks for the way he was treated there. Jurgo would
> be happy to have good relations with the next Cedonian rulers, it'd
> make Orbas a lot safer... there's so many pros and cons. Pen's family,
> who are also Adelis's family - will still be in Orbas. Hostages. And Lady
> Tanar is another factor to draw Adelis back home. We've seen how
> happy Pen is, but Adelis and his lady are far apart. A strong factor
> to draw him back.
> Oh yes, Adelis will go. Now... will Pen go with him? But they have
> a sorceress to catch.
> General Gria comes calling. Adelis gives his uniform cloak to Pen's
> daughter to play with, and keep - the decision's been made. They'll
> travel by boat - takes a bit longer than overland, but has the power
> of surprise.
> A lot of political wrangling here, plans being made, waiting for the
> sorceress to try again.
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