[LMB] Demon training

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 19 19:06:45 BST 2021

From: Margaret Dean <margdean56 at gmail.com>

Not necessarily. Dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans, so you just have
to wait for it to die naturally (or unnaturally--another drawback to this
plan is that demons are carcinogenic, especially new, untrained ones).
However, in order to make sure the demon in the ferret (or whatever) goes
into the *dog* and not *you,* you'd have to do something like command the
dog to kill the ferret while you were out of range ... since as a human
you'd be a more attractive host for the demon than the dog would. And
that's a bit icky, too.
--Margaret Dean

Gwynne: So.... Lock the dog and the ferret into a solid, isolated cabin. With
the ferret in some kind of clockwork trap, so that after the humans have had
time to clear the area, the trap (humanely) snaps down and kills the ferret.
Demon into dog.

Or... slow-acting poison fed to the ferret, locked with dog into same cabin.
But put the ferret into a cage or the dog will eat it, and then die of the
poison too.

Or... what if the only human present, doing the ferret-killing, was a
sorcerer? The demon wouldn't jump into someone who was already
a host.

Then the dog and owner have a happy time together; dogs live shorter
lives than humans, so in good time the demon goes to the human. And
the human has a very receptive, well-socialised demon.

I was watching a doco about a man living in the bush (wilderness). He was
getting on a bit. He'd had a good old dog, last of a series, who had recently
died. He'd decided to get another one, "I think I have one more dog in me."
(Not relevant to this, I just loved the way he looked at it.)

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