[LMB] Assassination via demon

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 23:38:05 BST 2021

I have to say, it doesn't seem so startlingly ingenious to me - not on the
part of the author, but from the perspective of the characters.  Surely it
would be much more practical to acquire a demon oneself, and then commit
killing indirectly in ways that don't permit the White God to seize the
demon.  It wouldn't require trying to maintain a hold on a catspaw, and
would give the conspirator a host of potential powers, and it would be much
easier to steal one demon than a series of them.  The only obstacles I can
see to this course are:  the most powerful of the conspirators have
highly-visible roles incompatible with sneaking off places to kill, and,
due to the nature of those roles, are likely to be in frequent and easy
contact with saints of the White God, who would likely channel the God's
displeasure.  A relative nobody is less recognizable and (relatively) easy
to keep away from saints.

But of course the entire scheme is a bad idea that will obviously attract
the ire of a God - and the one most capable of influencing the physical
world, no less.  Anyone smart enough to perceive the subtle advantages of
one course of action over another would also be smart enough to see the
obvious disadvantages.  I can only conclude that the problem wasn't
intelligence, but the lack of motivation to apply it.  Hubris.  Overweening
pride.  The belief that rules and restrictions do not apply to the self as
they do to the other.

Are there any Bujoldian villains who aren't willfully stupid in regards to
their villainy?  It's the fault that brings even her heroes low (see Miles).

Perhaps... the ba who wanted children?

Matt G.

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