[LMB] OT: Religion and one-up-manship, 7/17

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 00:19:42 BST 2021

Nope, 'Adonai' roughly translates to 'Lord'; 'Elohim' is 'god'.
Technically plural, 'Elohim' is interpreted by Jewish theologians to be in
the same mode that monarchs used to use the plural pronoun, a la Queen
Victoria's "We are not amused"; Christian theologians tend to suggest it's
a reference to Triunity, which Jews consider heretical.

The four-letter name of God references the answer given to Abraham; it's
derived, I am told, from a verb meaning "to be".  I don't know what name
was used at the once-a-year ceremony at the Temple when the high priest
would invoke "the name" - some people think that name was actually lost, as
it was considered too sacred to transmit other than orally.

So it's not the explanation for why some alter the spelling of 'god'.

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