[LMB] It's a Birthdayyyyyyyy!!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 20 14:07:17 BST 2021

Louann Miller, we send you our best and biggest birthday wishes.
May you have a wonderful time celebrating your special day.

And to help you celebrate, you're going to Vilnoc! Yes, Vilnoc, summer
capital of Orbas. You will be met by Learned Penric, and Desdemona of
course, and you'll be taken on a tour of the city; the harbour, glittering in
the bright sunlight. The Duke's palace - an interesting amalgamated
building, not as palatial as you'd expect, but there's some wonderful
artworks and treasures inside - superb tapestries, and the most delicate

Then you'll see the main temple - it's a wonderful place to spend a few
contemplative minutes. You'll go past the Bastard's chapterhouse, to meet
Lencia and Seuka - both dedicats of the Bastard now!  They'll go with you
on the walk to Penric's home - chattering all the way, no doubt.

You'll meet Nikys and Idrene, and Rina of course (plus cat). Then you'll
all settled down to a fine meal under their grapevine trellis, in dappled
sunlight and shade. Penric, and Des, will have some fine stories to tell,
and some interesting sorcerous tricks to demonstrate. Penric will even
show you some shamanic tricks (but he won't be using the weirding voice
on anyone - except maybe the cat.)

A special visit full of laughter, friendship and fun - have a wonderful
birthday, Louann!

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