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Flowers of Vashnoi is a novella that came out in 2018 as an ebook.  Later, Subterranean Press did a hardcover. Enjoy,

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> But the clearest example of the difference between them was a moment
> at the end of Flowers of Vashnoi. Ekaterin is in hospital being checked and
> treated for radiation exposure. She has a passing thought that she knows
> she's in the best possible place for treatment, because if anywhere else was
> better Miles would have moved her there.
> Tien protected her by putting her in a little box, and cutting off outside
> contact and relationships. Miles made sure she had the best and safest
> equipment when she was working in a radiation zone. He's her support
> team, not her jailor.

I agree with this, but do not recognize the title Flowers of Vashnoi. Have I really overlooked a story???

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