[LMB] Assassination via demon

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 07:33:13 BST 2021

There are now three cases known to us of people whose souls were consigned
to oblivion by the Gods, as opposed to being unable to be taken up or who
may have refused to be taken up:  Dondo dy Jironal, Joen of Jokona, and
Minister Methani.

Dondo was vastly corrupt; I don't know whether any of his actions could be
said to be the last straw, but there were whole bales of the stuff stacked
up there.  Joen refused to relinquish the demon she held and so the Bastard
pulled her along with it into Hell; she was offered the opportunity to find
some other purpose in life, but rejected the opportunity.  Given that her
own son hacked her body to bits moments later, it's questionable whether
she would have had much time to reform, but she was given the option, and
it was refused.  I don't know whether her damnation was condemnation, but
it's clear the Bastard considered stopping the demon to be more important
than preserving her, which is something of an implied judgment.

Of the two, I think Methani is more like Dondo.  He seems to have been
deeply corrupt, was directly involved in incidents which we have reason to
suspect divine intent was involved in countering, and doesn't seem to have
been cared for by a single living soul.  His only relative seemed to have
been relieved at his death.  I cannot prove, but I suspect, that he didn't
regret anything he'd done, and if he had lived I think he would have
carried on as he had begun.

Matt G.

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