[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon - Chapter 3

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 16:37:25 BST 2021

Adelis is off to run a revolution, or attack someone, or take over an
army - whatever is the best plan.

And Pen is left to capture a homicidal sorcerer. And keep her contained.
Which of course he does, making it look easier than it is.

I really like Dubro - he copes with everything. He really has absorbed
some doggy traits from his demon - but then he trained the dog in the
first place. He seems to just enjoy the moment, do whatever is needed,
and rock along happily.

Stray thought; the title of the book. Assassins, not Assassin. Alixtra is
just the end of the chain, and not the most morally responsible one.
She's a weapon more than a wielder. And trapped in their scheme.
If things went differently, and they kept going, what would happen when
they couldn't get more demons, or ran out of people to kill? Would they
just dispose of her quietly? She knows way too much about them. (And
Rach should have been nervous about that, too.)

Again, it's nice that the Palace doesn't have dungeons, and Pen has to
search the town to find something suitable. A fortress turned to a
warehouse, dungeons to rubbish storage. Surely that's progress?

And despite all the years of living there, Penric still hates that pressed fish.

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