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The whole MacGuffin of _Assassins_ seems to relate 
to the invention of the Death Demon described in 
_Curse of Chalion_.  There's no discussion in Pen's 
training about death magic or "the" exceptional 
Death Demon compared to other demons.  One does 

Beatrice Otter:

I don't. Sorcerers probably don't deal directly with the death demon, though they might investigate cases of possible death magic; it's not like the death demon hangs around, except in miraculous cases like Caz's. The death demon comes, takes its victims, and pops off back to the Bastard's Hell. In any case, the only training Pen is giving the woman in Assassins of Thassalon is specifically the stuff that is most urgent for her to know practically as a woman who has a regular demon and is going into a dangerous situation. What could it possibly benefit her to know about a special case that almost certainly has nothing to do with their own case? It's not like Methani et al were going to be able to use a death demon. First, they would not be willing to sacrifice themselves. Second, even if they were (or had a dupe to do it for them) their target would need to be genuinely someone worthy of being taken out by death magic. If that were an option, it seems to me it would have been much easier for them than the "abscond with baby elementals from the Temple" plan. So it's a much better use of their limited time for Penric to teach things that will be actually relevant to the situation at hand.

Beatrice Otter

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