[LMB] Dondo & the Death Demon's Destinations, Destructions, Deliveries

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P - Of those NOT taken up -- is it certain Dondo
was not taken, by the Bastard's Death Demon, to
the Bastard's own realm?

Gwynne: The only one we've seen who is sundered by the gods is Methani.
People thought Dondo was sundered because none of the sacred animals
signalled for him, but his soul was actually still in the world. When it went,
it was carried by the demon to the Bastard's hell. Joen also went there, by her
own choice because she refused to give up her demon. But neither of them
were sundered, and both were taken by the White God, just not to the usual
destination in the afterlife.

The Provincera among
others swear "by the Bastard's Hell", and it
seems that in Chalion being taken up by the
Bastard -- whose "job" it is to take the "left
overs" -- is not considered a great or happy
fate, but it also seems to beat being sundered.

Gwynne: The Bastard's Hell is full of his proto-demons. But it's not the
destination for most of the souls he takes. The main problem with being
taken by the Bastard is that it can be embarrassing for the surviving
family; it suggests that the person was illegitimate, or gay, or so bad that
the other gods didn't want them - all of which are taken as a slur by most
people in that society. Foix is sure that his mother will be embarrassed that
he's going to train in the Bastard's seminary to be a sorcerer - just that
contact, even for a good reason, is a bit socially awkward.

In general is it seen that a death demon (a)
destroys a soul, (b) takes it to the Bastard's
hell, (c) takes it to the Bastard's HALLS, which
many have many mansions of various levels of
fated fitness, or (d) takes it, merely prematurely,
to any of the gods who would have claimed it
at the end of a natural life?

Gwynne: The Death demon took Dondo's soul to the Bastard's hell, where the
proto-demons slosh about until a small trickle feeds through to the mundane
world to make a new demon. There's no individuality, identity or self-awareness
there. (It's sort of sundering AFTER being taken, instead of before, I suppose.)
Joen's soul wouldn't let go of her demon, so she was carried there too. But
Martou was taken by the Father, so maybe souls taken by the Death Demon
don't automatically go to the Demon-hell.
Possibilities: The target of the Death-magic curse goes to the demon-hell, but
the caster goes to their own god. OR Usually both souls go to their chosen gods,
(or choosing gods), but Dondo was such total slime that the Bastard didn't want
him. OR Because Dondo hung around and tried to cling on to Cazaril during their
deaths, he lost his entry ticket and went with the demon.

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