[LMB] people's use of language is funny (for some values of funny)

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>> I only complain about neologisms when they cannibalise an existing word.  I'm glad there is a word for homosexual that's neither medical nor derogatory, but sorry that it's almost impossible to use the original meaning of "gay" without being misunderstood or starting sniggers.  I'm glad that there is now a widely recognised
gender-neutral pronoun, but really, *really* sorry that we've fallen back on the awful bureacratic convention of using "they," when there were some perfectly good new words that had been accepted and widely used for decades in the circles where gender fluidity was understood.
>A half century ago, I read an article written by Poul Anderson.   As a wordsmith, he regretted losing words such as “gay”.   That’s why he used an archaic spelling of “fairy” in his fantasies.   Authors need to be aware of regionalisms too as in a Brit lifting a fag to his lips.

"Gay" has had an interesting history: at one time, a "gay" woman was one
of negotiable virtue.
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