[LMB] Books to live in

WalterStuartBushell proto at panix.com
Thu Jul 22 19:30:08 BST 2021

> On Jul 21, 2021, at 2:52 PM, Katherine (Kathy) Collett <kcollett at hamilton.edu> wrote:
> ut I probably most hanker after living in the Five Gods Universe.  In fact, I’d probably be one of those foolish souls who sigh to be god-touched, whom actual saints shake their heads over.  I don’t know where exactly; the places we see tend to be where exciting events are happening.  I think I’d prefer a quiet backwater.  With printed books.  I wonder what the university at Rosehall is like in Cazaril’s time??

Remember how Liss fled her “sheep infested village?” and how she fled it?

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