[LMB] If no Africa where did humans evolve?

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 00:31:35 BST 2021

There used to be many hypotheses about humans evolving in various regions
around the globe.  They were often based less on fossil evidence and more
on a desire to believe in independent origins for perceived racial groups,
but... they weren't necessarily implausible on first merits, they've just
been discarded as data was brought in.

It's entirely possible that there is a continent that humans crossed over
from onto the 5GW-equivalent of Eurasia; like Australia, but in reverse.
We simply don't know.  Apes might even have originated in the jungles of
equivalent-South-America, and passed over a land bridge to colonize

Do we have much reason to think Our Host really cares all that much?  The
setting is not the work, it is a tool to create the work; or so I gather.

Matt G.

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