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 Count Piotr, in his later years, lived mainly at Surleau. that's where his horses were, and it was a core location in his district. while he kept the bulk of the district business away, in Hassadar or Seligrad; he 'ran things' from the long lake.
when he had guests - political allies, odl friends (probably even count Vorhalas, from the other side of the Mountains), he had to provide them lodging.
the lake house was (re) built just at the end of the ToI; so it met the needs of social visiting. It has social cachet, given it's age; so Miles, as Count, would not want to replace it.
Mark might build a more modern lake house a kilometer up or down the coast; with 'their' side of the lake being kept specifically for the family Vorkosigan; and the other side available for private estates (on long leases).

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The residence in Vorkosigan Surleau is a renovated barracks, since the big house was a war casualty.  Life in general and the family fortune haven’t been up to new construction. 
Does Miles make enough from bug butter dividends and whatever else of Mark's schemes he's invested in, plus Ma Kosti's cooking, to build someplace new? How big would it be? Local or imported architect?  NOT anyone who likes Cockroach Central. Speculation, anyone?  I'd maybe leave the old place as a guest house, for starters.

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So there's no *practical* reason to need a bigger house. The question is, "is the current building comfortable for the family and does it provide for their needs?" Now, it has until this point; but it's been literal decades since you had Vorkosigans living on planet with time for more than the occasional holiday. Aral and Cordelia were extremely busy as Regent and then Prime Minister, and we are told the District was largely neglected during that time. Miles was offworld. Now, however, Miles and his family are living on Barrayar and he has more children, and also he's probably less busy. Being an Auditor is a very important job, yes, but it's not like there's a constant and consistent daily task that has to be done, as there is with governance. He's got time to devote to the District, and to his family, in a way his father never really got. So he may find the Vorkosigan Surleau house not quite adequate.

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