[LMB] Five Gods Afterlives

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Fri Jul 23 15:02:39 BST 2021

From: tidsel <egern at protonmail.com>

On Friday, July 23rd, 2021 at 4:51 AM, Douglas Weinfield <douglasw at his.com> wrote:
> As I recall, there are three possible outcomes after a person's body dies in the 5GU:
> 3.  They can go to the Bastard's Hell, and be end up in a "roiling pool of demn energy, without form, without personas, without mind or wills or song or speech or memories or any gift of higher order...." This was the fate of Joen and Martou.

I can't help seeing this as a kind of primordial soup, from which new souls eventually emerge.

Gwynne: Speaking of souls.... we know that collected demons go back to the
primordial soup - no identity, no awareness.

What about Desdemona? She's come a long way from being a drop of demon-spirit.
When Pen gave her a name, he gave her an identity. Will Desdemona, one day, be
put back into the pit of chaos? Or will the Bastard recognise her as having a soul?

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