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[LMB] Komarr
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On Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 11:44 PM, Kenton Schoen <kdschoen1 at 
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 > Flowers of Vashnoi is a novella, the most recently written VorKosigan
 > story. Miles appears, but Ekaterin is the central character. In the
 > time-line it is after Diplomatic Immunity and before Cryoburn.

THank you I am searching like crazy for it ;-)

LMB:  It's not hard to find: 

Also at Barnes & Noble and iBooks/Apple Books   Also available as an 
audiobook through Blackstone, Downpour, and Audible, and in some public 

The Subterranean Press paper edition is sold out, and being bid up to 
rather high prices on the used market.

Ta, L.

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