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> I?m more often bugged by tech anachronisms such as stirrups in Ancient Rome or Egyptian chariots with horse collars.
> William A
> Gwynne: I tend to avoid historical movies. I spend all my time
> wailing, "They didn't have castles like that at that time!  That
> armour is totally wrong! Those dogs/pigs/cows/sheep are the
> wrong breeds!
> You don't fight with a two-handed broadsword that way! It's
> too heavy to swirl it around over your head with one hand! You
> don't turn your back on the enemy and swing your sword over
> your back with one hand to block a sword stroke! (Sure, it looks
> so pretty and whatever, but it's RUBBISH!)
> The clothes... the windows... the food.... the terms for things...
> the ages of the characters.. the social structure....
> ....And that's when I have to either tell myself it's actually set in a
> parallel universe, or stick to contemporary or SF.
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And the history is twisted just as much as much as when a movie
is based on a book.

Oh, the movie Amadeus is completely wrong about Mozart Vs Salieri,
and even my musician friends say it still distorts their view of Mozart.

Also view documentaries with skepticism, because it is too easy to let
propaganda or “It’s just better theater this way” to cause movie makers to abandon
the truth, and seeing is oft believing.

Of course our planet has its mood swings – it is, after all, bipolar.

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