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Fri Jul 23 18:48:29 BST 2021

yes, movies are much worlse in that regards .. 

but even books can be egregius .. 



> Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> hat am 23.07.2021 16:12 geschrieben:
> From: WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com>
> I?m more often bugged by tech anachronisms such as stirrups in Ancient Rome or Egyptian chariots with horse collars.
> William A
> Gwynne: I tend to avoid historical movies. I spend all my time
> wailing, "They didn't have castles like that at that time!  That
> armour is totally wrong! Those dogs/pigs/cows/sheep are the
> wrong breeds!
> You don't fight with a two-handed broadsword that way! It's
> too heavy to swirl it around over your head with one hand! You
> don't turn your back on the enemy and swing your sword over
> your back with one hand to block a sword stroke! (Sure, it looks
> so pretty and whatever, but it's RUBBISH!)
> The clothes... the windows... the food.... the terms for things...
> the ages of the characters.. the social structure....
> ....And that's when I have to either tell myself it's actually set in a
> parallel universe, or stick to contemporary or SF.
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