[LMB] Religion question

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 22:47:51 BST 2021

Theocrats can't be fanatics?  And they're usually willing to use the threat
of violence, up to and including death, to enforce rule.

The definitions people keep proposing not only fail to match general usage,
but tend to lack internal consistency.  I suspect this is a No True
Scotsman issue.  Rather than suggesting new definitions, why don't we look
at the existing ones?


Most of the political or religious usages are covered in #1, although of
course it can apply to other things.  #2 applies to fans - that's why
they're called 'fans', it's derived from 'fanatic'.

The key distinction between the two definitions lies in the "uncritical
intense devotion" part of the first.  And I would personally argue that the
key word is 'uncritical'.

Matt G.

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