[LMB] OT: fanatics (23/07)- was Religion question

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I quite agree. I think religious fanaticism is the more destructive form of
fanaticism.  We saw what ISIS did to ancient cities and historical
artifacts. People of different religious viewpoints etc. However, there are
sports fanaticism although they tend to be called football  (soccer)
hooligans they show a high level of intolerance and violence against other
sports teams. Of course it could be debatable to compare those two forms of
fanaticism. Of course to a religious fanatic games would be considered a

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> > No. The fanatic does not believe in a free or open society. That would
> mean
> >
> > he/she would have to tolerate different religious point of views. The
> very
> >
> > definition of a fanatic is one who is intolerant. Ask any Jew in living
> in
> >
> > Iran.
> Just so.
> In trying to define 'fanatic', I think you have to distinguish between
> action and reaction.
> To me the fanatic is the one who acts, and thereby causing a
> pressure/danger that causes others to react.
> For every action there is an equal reaction.
> Tidsel
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