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I can forgive wheelbarrows in ancient Rome (or Athens). A barrow is a box with handles at each end, to allow two or more people to move a load. Replacing a person at one end with a drag pad or wheel is a simple invention; no real 'Aha!' Needed.  If you have chariots, then turning one around, grabbing the shafts, and loading the basket with stuff is a no-brainer.   (Did some deep reading on this for history class long ago. Slapping a wheel or skid to make dragging easier is a simple thing to do... Especially if the Foreman doesn't see you finish early!  

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or wheelbarrows in ancient rome .. or greek trading ships with fore-and-aft rig

Gwynne: It's worse with books; I like to think that writers have some level
of education. With movies, I expect nothing - they don't do any research most
of the time, and just go with what looks good. But books - I feel betrayed
when the authors make horrible mistakes.
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