[LMB] Five Gods Afterlives

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> I can't help seeing this as a kind of primordial soup, from which new souls eventually emerge.
> Tidsel
> Gwynne: Speaking of souls.... we know that collected demons go back to the
> primordial soup - no identity, no awareness.
> What about Desdemona? She's come a long way from being a drop of demon-spirit.
> When Pen gave her a name, he gave her an identity. Will Desdemona, one day, be
> put back into the pit of chaos? Or will the Bastard recognise her as having a soul?

If you are asking me, I have to say I still haven't read that series - could not get into the first book, for some reason,
which is odd, as I am so taken with all the others..So don't know..

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