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I loved meeting Iroki and his story about fishing for a God and sometimes
sitting companionably sitting in silence next to the God. To my mind he
seems to be enlightened in the Buddhist sense, at least as I understand it.
Not concerned with thinking deep thoughts, but very self-contained and
satisfied with his place in the world. Willing to bestir himself to do
needful things, at least those that he himself deems needful, but otherwise

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> Ok, let's look at Iroki. He's an interesting character.
> 'The laziest man in Pef'. He lived with his parents until the Temple
> income let him buy a small house (shack?) near his beloved river.
> He fishes. It's all he does, and all he wants to do - and he doesn't want
> to catch too much.
> Very simple, plain and open. At least on the surface. He'd be good as a
> saint, there's a large calm centre in him.
> But he also asks to read the textbook Pen gives Alixtra. He wants to
> understand as much as he can about the powers around him.
> He doesn't say much, but he doesn't need to. And he speaks at just the
> right moments.
> He has a lovely fondness for the Bastard, there's respect but not awe, he
> just extends his warm friendliness to him. But the respect is total.
> And he takes his sainthood seriously.
> Is he just simple and lazy? Or are there many more layers to him, and he's
> just a man who has reached a level of enlightenment?
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> I wouldn't have thought of the word enlightenment but I think it fits
> exactly. Iroki isn't a man with ambitions, when his needs are fulfilled,
> food, shelter, a place to think and relax, he is perfectly contented. H is
> also so open to the god that he hardly notices when he becomes a saint.
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